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Epoxy Flooring St. Louis, MO

Superior Concrete Design installs high quality epoxy flooring finishes for our residential and commercial clients in the greater St. Louis area.

Nothing makes a quality statement like professionally installed, durable epoxy flooring. Our floors range from standard epoxy with flake and chip designs followed with a gloss finish, to our more artistic designs that incorporate everything from patterns to corporate or sports logos. We treat every epoxy flooring project we do the same way. Fanatical preparation, followed with the industry’s top products. This in turn always delivers the kind of finished project that our clients have come to know and expect.

Our metallic epoxy flooring provides the beauty of stained or polished concrete, but with far superior performance. Stained concrete typically wears away in high traffic areas, losing its color vibrancy and shiny finish. After a period of time, it begins showing the traffic patterns and draws attention to the patches and faded colors in the porous concrete. Superior Concrete Design offers a high performance metallic epoxy floor coating system that helps to hide any concrete surface flaws and imperfections. The metallic epoxy system can have  a gorgeous, flowing pattern or unique asymmetrical appearance that is sure to withstand wear with little maintenance, and will look just as beautiful after time as it does when it is first installed.


Epoxy Flooring Types

  • Metallic Epoxy

  • Flakes

  • Solid Color

  • Custom Logo's

  • Anti slip Coatings

Popular Applications

  • Kitchens

  • Living areas

  • Showrooms

  • Entry-ways & lobbies

  • Basements

  • Shopping Malls

  • Car Dealerships

  • Industrial & Commercial buildings


  • Damage-resistant – Epoxy makes garage floors resistant to chemical spills, stains, and impact. This is one of the best concrete sealers around. It is a non-porous material so any pigment will not seep through, causing an ugly stain or any deep damage.

  • Covers concrete blemishes – Have existing stains and hairline cracks on the floor? Then floor epoxy is the answer. It fills in small gaps and cracks. Also, incorporating colors or designs will help disguise any ugly stains on the old concrete.

  • Improves appearance – Ever noticed how garage floors always looked the worst in the entire house? That was then. Nowadays, even garage floors can be treated like an extension of a home’s living space with garage floor epoxy coatings. It can be stained or decorated with colored microchips which, when broadcasted, creates a terrazzo-like appearance. It can even be made into marble-like or metallic epoxy floors if desired.

  • Easy to clean and maintain – Epoxy floors do not absorb liquids or even dirt, even without supplementary concrete sealers. In fact, dust just sits on top of it, thus, making it easy to sweep and mop.


Benefits Of Epoxy 

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