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Rubber Safety surfacing

Rubber paving is a eco friendly mix of recycled rubber granules or "pebbles" combined with  with a specialized binder agent that is poured in place, typically over existing concrete or asphalt surfaces and creates a smooth, flexible, rubber pavement layer. It is attractive and extremely durable with zero maintenance. This rubber pavement is a soft and flexible safety surface that hard enough surface to permit vehicle traffic. Rubber paving is attractive and extremely durable with little maintenance. It is ice and slip resistant making it perfect for:

Children’s playgrounds can benefit from the natural shock absorption nature of the rubber. Combined with the non slip benefit from rubber this makes rubber flooring an ideal solution for splash parks, water parks, recreation floors, and playground flooring. Rubber flooring on playgrounds last years longer than traditional wood bark mulch or stone pebbles.


  • Endless color options  

  • Long lasting                   

  • Little maintenance

  • Ice & slip resistant

  • Unaffected by temperature & salt

  • Attractive color options

  • 100% recycled rubber

  • Cost effective

  • Walkways

  • Golf Course Paths

  • Amusement Parks & Zoos

  • Patios

  • Industrial & Commercial Flooring

  • Gym floors

  • Athletic Tracks

  • Playgrounds

  • Pool Decks

  • Water Parks

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Benefits of Rubber Paving

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